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I will be happy to look after you

Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm

By appointment taken the same day before 11am.

By sms preferably: 07 56 87 07 17

The massages I have the pleasure of giving you are done with delicacy and depth, using enveloping movements with my hands all over your body, alternating with sensual caresses.

You will then experience a physical emotion, an excitement, which is completely natural and to which you will be able to freely give yourself up. I will then carefully soothe you, either with my hands or my bust, depending on the service you choose, in order to provide you with a deep and complete relaxation. 

This moment will bring you softness, relaxation and sensuality.

You can choose the service of your choice at your appointment:

1 - Traditional / €110 

 I stay dressed, manual finish (Lingam massage).


2 - The Naturist (without finishing) / €120

I will be completely naked for equality and the pleasure of the eyes. There is no finishing.


3 - The Unclothed / €125

 I'll be wearing just my knickers, with a manual finish (Lingam massage).

(With naturist option: 140€*)


4 - The Body / €155

 I'll wear just one pair of panties, finished with my seductive décolleté.

(With naturist option 170€*)


5 - Au Fée-minin / €140

For you ladies, the pleasure of knowing feminine hands to give you a different kind of pleasure.

My hands will sculpt your body gently and deeply, alternating soft and sensual caresses to provide you with deep relaxation. You'll be able to let go of your emotions freely, which I'll soothe with a very gentle manual finish (Yoni massage).

Both of us will be naked to enhance your well-being.


6 - Precious time / €260

Do you need more time to relax? For a treat? Don't worry, this relaxation package is just for you! For 1h30, my hands will roam over your body, wrapping it in softness, relaxation and sensuality. In naturist, manual or body finish, your choice.

Booked only if you've already come and let me know at least in the morning.

Time required: approximately 1h45


7 - Couple / €320

Are you looking for a naughty moment for your couple?

I propose a moment of relaxation where you can participate in your partner's massage in complete freedom.

A moment of sensuality for both of you, in naturist clothing for greater complicity.

You'll be able to let go of your emotions freely, which I'll soothe with a very gentle manual finish for each of you (Lingam & Yoni).

Time required: approximately 1h45/2h, preferably at the end of the day.

*Naturist option for the pleasure of the eyes (+15€)

(Except for the traditional)

For a gift voucher, please contact me

Payment can be made by credit card (cb : i.s.) or in cash.

Massages last approximately 45 minutes.

No other finish is possible, thank you for your understanding.

The benefits of sensual massages: They give a pleasure of a softness that can be intense, close to euphoria and long-lasting, are anti-stress, promote the secretion of endorphins that cause the feeling of relaxation and happiness, help you feel your body better, stimulate your libido, improve premature orgasms over several sessions ...

Please book your appointment preferably by text message on 07 56 87 07 17 or by email and arrive at the agreed time to make the most of your moment of relaxation.

If you can't make it, please let me know as soon as possible. 

If you fail to keep your appointment or cancel at least 2 hours beforehand, I reserve the right not to accept you. 

For reasons of discretion, I will not reply to your message after 3 hours. I invite you to contact me again as soon as you wish. 

I hope you've had a pleasant time on my site, that you've found all the answers you're looking for, and that you'll have the opportunity to (re)come and let yourself go for a journey in my hands...

See you soon!


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In twenty years' time, you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did do. 

So get off the beaten track. Set sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

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