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Yoni massage, when spirituality comes to the service of female sexual pleasure.

Yoni massage has only been making its way into Western sexuality for a few years now. 

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina. 

In recent years, we've been hearing more and more about Yoni massage. It's an erotic massage (literally, a massage of the vagina) that goes far beyond the physical to place spirituality at the centre of this Eastern practice.

What is the purpose of Yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a spicy way of approaching Tantrism. In Tantra, the vagina is considered a sacred part of a woman's body. Dedicating this massage to it allows a form of sensual intimacy, possibly with another person, but first and foremost with oneself.

According to its practitioners, this practice has more to do with relaxation than sexual experience. It is a method of liberation and healing, which will circulate the body's energies and invite an encounter with the Divine Feminine. Some women may reach orgasm, but a range of feelings may be linked to it, such as sadness, anger and indifference.

Yoni massage allows women to open up a new dimension of self-knowledge and body awareness. She is invited to become aware of all her erogenous zones, but also of her internal anatomy, from her clitoris to her perineum, of all the nerve endings that make her a being filled with desire.

It is there for the woman to relax, to enter into a state of great excitement and discover all the pleasures that her Yoni, her vagina and everything around her can offer her.

How to practise Yoni massage?

Mastering the techniques of Yoni massage takes time, patience and a desire to explore. 

In offering this service, I stress that it's up to the person being massaged to determine their limits in the experience. In all cases, this erotic massage requires a great deal of trust, respect and attentive listening to adapt to the partner's consent.

I start by massaging the whole body, apart from the intimate parts, so that the other person can relax. 

There may be one orgasm, or several. If the person being massaged is willing, after an orgasm, it's possible to continue. Some women discover multiple orgasms with Yoni massage.

A period of calm and relaxation is important at the end of the massage. It allows you to regain your composure, to let that feeling of a powerful woman wash over you, and to become aware of what you have offered to your body and mind.

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